Examination Application

The 2014 Application Period is closed.

ABAM is the nation’s first medical specialty board that certifies addiction medicine physicians across a range of medical specialties. The board sets standards for physician education, assesses physicians’ knowledge and requires and tracks life-long education.  It is an independent specialty board established in 2007.

Step 1

The  new Application Period will open October 1, 2014. Practice experience hours (need be accrued over past 5 years) and 50 CME credits (need to be earned over the period Sept. 1, 2014 – Nov. 1, 2015; 25 of the 50 need to be addiction-related). For medical license requirements, see the medical license eligibility Criteria. For further information, email: abamcertification@abam.net.

Step 2

First save and then complete the application online. The application is a fill-able PDF form. To complete the form, download the latest version of  Adobe Reader (free download) – Adobe Reader version 8 or higher is required to do so. Mac users may need to use Adobe Reader if Mac Preview will not allow this. Submission by i-Pad will not work.

Step 3

Save application file as: Last Name, First Name. Submit application by email to: abamexamapp@abam.netMedical School codes can be found here.

Step 4

Complete the payment prompt sent to you upon submission of your application. Upon filing the application, you will be contacted if the application is incomplete or requires additional work, otherwise the application is moving forward for review. An Acceptance letter will follow by email within 4 weeks of filing of a complete application. Permit to book Prometric test site is issued in September before the November exam.



ABAM is not a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). ABAM's goal is to gain recognition of Addiction Medicine as a medical specialty, and the creation of a certification process through collaboration with the ABMS and its member Boards.