ABAM Transitional Maintenance of Certification Program

Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is a requirement of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) that ABAM, which aspires to ABMS recognition, has adopted for its ABAM Diplomates. “MOC assures that the physician is committed to lifelong learning and competency in a specialty and/or subspecialty by requiring ongoing measurement of six core competencies adopted by ABMS and the ACGME in 1999.  Although ABAM is not a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialties, one of ABAM’s goals is to gain recognition of Addiction Medicine as a specialized field of medical practice and to create a certification process through collaboration with the ABMS and its member boards. All ABMS medical specialties and subspecialties are required to have a four-component MOC Program. Beyond the ABMS, Board Certification and Maintenance of Certification are expected of physicians as a sign of their medical knowledge, competence and professionalism by patients, colleagues, hospital, clinic and other medical staffs, as well as insurance plan provider panels and governmental agencies which credential and pay physicians.

ABAM launched its Tmoc program in April 2011 to assure that, by engaging in continuous professional development, diplomates will have the practice-related knowledge to provide quality care, and the public will have assurance that ABAM certified physicians maintain high standards of clinical care.

NOTE: In August 2013, ABAM will launch a new Diplomate Portal.  This portal will allow Diplomates to access a full description of the ABAM Tmoc including Parts I- IV, payment information, Tmoc Progress Tracker and Certification Information.

Diplomates may apply for the Transitional Maintenance of Certification examination in either the 9th or 10th year of their certification cycle.  All requirements must be complete to be eligible for the examination.

Each certified Diplomate must successfully complete a series of requirements. Completing these requirements in a timely manner will allow Diplomates to begin participatation in the cognitive examination. If a Diplomate is unable or chooses NOT to meet the requirements of each component in the Transitional Maintenance of Certification Program, the certificate remains valid until the expiration date, but the candidate will be listed in the Transitional Maintenance of Certification Program as Inactive and not-Participating in Tmoc.  To be considered currently active in ABAM Tmoc on the 10 year cycle, a Diplomate must complete each part by the given deadline.

2015 MOC Time Diplomate Schedule



ABAM offers a Transitional Maintenance of Certification program for its current diplomates and a public listing of physicians who hold active ABAM certification status. In March, 2016 the American Board of Medical Specialties formally recognized addiction medicine as a multi-specialty subspecialty. Future certification examinations in addiction medicine will be administered by the American Board of Preventive Medicine.